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We know that our inner expertise is the key to success. triumph. Excel. Win. Achieve.

Dharshan Zwislang is an organisation working on elevating the one crore mind towards their life mission. It is a social responsibility to develop the mindset of the public to enhance themselves. Which will in enhance the country. This organisation is on this process for the past 20 years. We have come across various situations in which we realized that mindset changes everything in life. 

OUr Vision

Training to develop the inner mindset of people for a health society. A developed consciousness has a developed mindset.

Our Mission

We are in plan to train one crore minds towards their life mission and life satisfaction

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P.ramalingam, M.D

chief consciousness officer

I am a trainer on life skills and working on developing individual consciousness. I was in this for the past 18 years and has transformed hundreds of mindsets. Now with a bigger vision, I am on a target of transforming One Crore consciousness. I have been an academic co-ordinator, student counsellor, business advisor, career advisor, author, spiritual researcher, psychological analyser, academic course designer and so on. 

M.Ramalakshmi, Administratrive Head, R&D

chief confidence Trainer

I am a confidence trainer for the past 8 years in this institution. As a confidence trainer, I have changed a lot of people’s lack of confidence into confidence. Walking on the mission of making a world with full of confident people where the term over-confidence also has to be transformed. As a successful homemaker, I have organized and completed a lot of events. That’s why I can able to administrate the organize as well.

D.Gomathi, Academic Head

Innovative academic course designer

I am Gomathi, and I am the academic coach of Dharshan Zwislang where I maintain a home school called Gurukulam @ Home. My career journey started as an office in-charge in a school, then as an admin of a company and finally as an academic coach. In this journey, I have excelled my skills based on administration  and academic course design and student management, especially I am a Kabadi player in my school team

S.Parveen, HR Head

Chief Learning Designer

I am Parveen, I am a learning designer. My career journey started as a Phonics teacher during my college days and I am experienced in Mid-Brain activities, Brain Gym. In 2022 I started my career as a Learning Designer in Dharshan Zwislang. Now I started building Learning Disciplines in the work of designing the student learning systems. And my vision is to bring transformation in the learning discipline. 

R.anushya, accounts head

Accounts manager

Iam Anushya, I am a passionate individual who thrives on engaging with new people and embracing exciting opportunities. Teaching has always been my true calling, as I find immense joy in sharing knowledge and empowering others to learn. With a strong professional background in the IT (Income Tax) industry, I have gained valuable experience over the span of one year. Join me on this journey of growth and knowledge as we explore new horizons together

M.Kaviya, QC Head

A Digital architect

I am Kaviya, I have started my Career Journey as a Digital Architect at Dharshan Zwislang in 2023. I handling digital tasks and head of the QC department, ensuring quality work. Certified in Python and English communicator, I’m also a People Development Trainer. My goal is to guide and motivate individuals for personal growth, aiming to bring them to reality and dispel illusions.



I’m Siva, a seasoned sales professional with over 5 years of experience across diverse sales sectors. Throughout my career, I’ve built a strong track record of success and become an expert in the field. I specialize in handling various product categories year-round, delivering outstanding sales results for world-famous brands. Join me as we explore the sales world and achieve remarkable success together.

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