Three phases of enhancement

Business Owners Programme

Masterclass on business discipline

  • Full day direct  Session
  • Afternoon session will be one to one interaction
  • Completely focused on business discipline
  • 3 weeks follow-up after the session  

Business Action Program

  • Create Business Discipline
  • Clarify Business Doubts
  • Create your perfect Business Blueprint
  • Create Your Self-Business Faith
  • 3 Days Programme with 6 Months follow-up
  • What is your real Business?
  • How to solve your Business Problem?
  • How maintain a Business Discipline?
  • How to attain Business Knowledge?
  • How to create Business Action?
  • How to develop Business Blueprint?
  • How to maintain Business Faith?

Business Stabilty Program

  • Business Faith
  • Business Power
  • Business Stability
  • 1 Year Programme with follow-up
  • How to do a Business?
  • How to develop Business Faith?
  • How to make Business Strong?
  • How to develop Business Stability?

Every time when people attend the Masterclass on Business Discipline we are offering a greater discount on the next two programmes.

It depends on the masterclass they are attending.

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