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Business Meditation

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Focused on Business development


Course fee :

Entirely free

Masterclass on business discipline

  • Full day direct  Session
  • Afternoon session will be one to one interaction
  • Completely focused on business discipline
  • 3 weeks follow-up after the session  

What you will learn

  • How to analyze your business
  • Problems in the business – Learn about 15 Main issues in the business
  • Finding your business soul to strengthen your business
  • Define your business discipline – Take your business to next level

Masterclass Fee :

₹1001 (For Limited Time)

Mastering the Unspoken Language

  • 2 Hour Webinar
  • Significantly enhance our interpersonal skills and understanding

What you will learn

  • Unmasking the Hidden Force: Non-Verbal Cues in Workplace
  • Elevate Your Professional Persona: Non-Verbal Strategies for Success

Masterclass Fee :

₹100 (For Limited Time)

Exploring Mindfullness

  • Join us for a captivating 2-hour webinar as we delve into the transformative realm of mindfulness.
  • Discover the art of “Exploring Mindfulness” and unlock the door to inner harmony and heightened awareness.

What you will learn

  • Enhanced Interpersonal Skills: Develop a heightened awareness of your own and others’ emotions, fostering improved relationships.
  • Deeper Understanding: Uncover the power of mindfulness in deciphering subtle cues, leading to a more nuanced understanding of workplace dynamics.
  • Professional Empowerment: Acquire practical strategies to enhance your professional presence and navigate workplace challenges with poise

Masterclass Fee :

₹66 (For Limited Time)

path to stress-free living

  • 2 Hour Webinar
  • Secret key to tackle your stressful movements in your life

What you will learn

  • how to handle the stressful situation in an cool manner

Masterclass Fee :

₹99 (For Limited Time)

Win your MINd

  • Embark on a transformative 2-hour webinar designed to empower you with the essential tools to triumph over the challenges life throws your way.secret key to tackle your stressful movements in your life
  • Join us for an exploration of the profound topic: “Win Your Mind – The Secret Key to Tackle Stressful Moments

What you will learn

  • Learn effective strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and negative thought patterns, fostering a healthier state of mind.
  • Explore your strengths, weaknesses, and values through self-reflection, fostering a deeper understanding of yourself and your aspirations

Masterclass Fee :

₹49 (For Limited Time)

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