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Inner Knowledge Studies Capability Expertise

Established in 2004

Dharshan Zwislang is functioning since 2004. We are training various people based on their needs.

2000+ Training

We have conducted 2000+ successful training workshops, seminars & webinars over the years.

Trainings for All

We train people from all walks of life like students, employees, employers, trainers, teachers and homemakers

Why dharshan Zwislang ?

Unleash Your Potential

Empower yourself with the tools to achieve your goals. Our training institute provides the expertise and strength needed to unlock your potential.

Unlock Your Inner Expertise

Build your inner strength and capabilities with our training institute. Take the leap, and become your own expert.

event calendar

Our programmes scheduled in 2024 - 2025

Coming Soon
15th June
Introduce the Topic

At Poorna Vidhyalaya  Matriculation School, Thiruvalam.

To provide faculties with the skills and techniques necessary to effectively introduce and present topics, ensuring clarity, engagement, and understanding in various communication settings.

20 - 25 May
Know Your Imortance

At KV Tex (Cuddalore & Pondicherry)

Empowering participants by helping them recognise and appreciate their values, strengths, and contributions, fostering increased self-confidence and motivation for personal and professional growth.

04th May
Enhance Interpersonal Skills

At TANFAC Industries Limited, Cuddalore.
To enhance participants' interpersonal skills through targeted training and exercises, enabling effective communication, strong professional relationships, and efficient collaboration in diverse work environments.

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What People Say

Listen to the testimonies of our students

I am an M.Tech student. I was interested to speak in hindi. So I am in search of place. Finally I got a place where I found many things. Here I found how to speak, approach and communicate between people. They taught from the basic so it was very easy for me to learn.
G. Rahul
I have a feeling that I came here very late. If I came here in life earlier I was a very good position in my life. The instructor was very good at teaching. Every day he never fails to surprise us. Using the digital consoles like project and tablet he took the teaching to next
First of all teaching is very good here. I was interested to speak in hindi. Now I speak and understand well. I feel very proud to have such a institute in our city.

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